Monday, July 2, 2012

Homemade Ranch

Ranch is a staple in our house.  I purchase more Ranch than I do milk.  Sad but true.  My daughter is our main Ranch consumer.  She would drink it if you allowed her to.  She is the same way with sour cream.  Gross!  So I have seen several postings on Pinterest on making homemade Ranch dressing using Greek yogurt.  My friend Jenny (yep, same Jenny who I got the Brownie Pizza from) has always made homemade Ranch and I was kind of skeptical but that was before my daughter's obsession with it.  I bought a Yoplait Greek Yogurt (plain) container and a box of Ranch packets.  In a large bowl, I dumped in the yogurt, the packet of Ranch and filled the yogurt container with milk and dumped in there.  Then I whisked it, poured it in a pint sized jar and stuck it in the fridge.  

Today I made Tortilla Roll-ups and we (of course) used the Ranch for dipping.  PERFECT!

Oh and this is how I make our Tortilla Roll-ups . . .

Tortilla Roll-ups

hummus or guacamole
black olives chopped
3 slices of ham or turkey lunch meat
1/3 of a cucumber peeled then peeled again to make long thin strips***

Layer tortilla like a pizza. . . hummus/guacamole --> black olives --> ham/turkey (lay out in a triangle) --> cucumber strips.  Roll up the tortilla and cut in half and dip in Ranch.

Here is a similar recipe but it uses Laughing Cow instead of hummus and no black olives

***I just peel the cucumber strips til I get to the seeds then I slice the remainding cucumber and put in container for an afternoon snack (with a teaspoon of Italian dressing drizzled on top).

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