Sunday, August 19, 2012

Breakfast Tostadas

We have just recently discovered tostadas at our house. We always used taco shells but the kids never were able to eat them without them breaking before they even got a bite. So my Mom suggested tostadas which of course I was skeptical but now we seriously eat them all the time. Just last night I made typical tostadas with refried beans, hamburger meat, cheese, salsa, sour cream, black olives, etc. Well, tonight we were busy cleaning out leaves from the gutters (thanks to our Oklahoma drought...all our leaves are falling in August) so I needed a quick fix for dinner. I saw the tostadas still sitting on the counter and some fresh eggs we had just gathered so I figured breakfast tostadas would be perfect.

All I did was scramble a dozen eggs with about 1/2 cup half & half then I topped the tostadas with the eggs, chopped up ham and cheese. Baked for about 3 minutes then topped with ranch dressing and salsa. I made some with just eggs and cheese for my picky eaters and our "dessert" was yogurt with sprinkles.

Of course they got ten thumbs up!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Chicken Tortellini with Alfredo Sauce

It's the last day of summer vacation for us and so the kiddos picked our evening meal. Chicken Tortellini is also called "Cam's Favorite" in our house. The alfredo sauce is only 3 ingredients! Super duper easy! We make it with the tortellini cause the kids like it better than fettuccine and I think it goes better with the chicken (personally).

3 chicken breast boiled and shredded
2 packages of frozen cheese tortellini, cooked

Pint of heavy whipping cream
Stick of butter
1 1/2 cups of Parmesan cheese (I prefer Kraft in the green container)

Heat the cream, butter and cheese in a sauce pan until melted and blended. Pour over chicken and tortellini in a large casserole dish. Mix well. Done.

Monday, July 30, 2012

What's for Breakfast?

Hmmmmmmmm.....fried eggs, maybe? Or how about boiled eggs?

With our 105+ degree weather here in eastern Oklahoma, we have hardly been getting any eggs. The heat just stresses the chickens way too much and they just don't lay. We had a good hard rain about 3 days ago so I guess that was like going to the spa for the girls and they relaxed a little. I am just thankful for the rain and fried eggs, yep, I fried them!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kitchen Re-do: RED

I am HAPPY to announce that we FINALLY finished our kitchen re-do project.  It only took us 1 1/2 years but who is counting?

We scraped and peeled wallpaper, floated the walls, painted the walls and ceiling, painted the island, replaced light fixtures and decorated.  Yes, all that took 1 1/2 years but again, who is counting?

So here is the before pic.  It was actually the pic that was online when the house was on the market.  Note the country blue wallpaper (and it even had the 80's goose border too).  Lovely, huh?

Photo: Here's the before (when we bought it)...note the country blue wallpaper that had a goose border.

And here is the "almost" final version.  We have added some things to the top of the cabinets since I took this pic but for the most part this is it!  It was a big commitment painting it red (I know) but I have wanted a RED kitchen for a long time and had bought most of the red things a long time ago.  I have just been waiting for my red kitchen to come along.

Photo: Here it is!  We will eventually paint the cabinets and get new countertops but for now...this is PERFECT!

The next phase will be the big guns phase.  We are going to move appliances around, have a new island built, new flooring and paint the cabinets.  We are also wanting to build false beams for more lighting and then possibly hang a pot rack from them over the island.  All of this will come when the income tax refund arrives next year but until then, I LOVE MY RED KITCHEN!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's an Oobleck kind of day

We decided to make some oobleck today. It's fun but super messy. Perfect on a 100 degree day that keeps you inside!

Oobleck is very simple to make!

1/2 cup water with drops of food coloring
1 cup of cornstarch

Just mix and play!

Monday, July 23, 2012

No More Leftovers!

What happens when you eat dinner in the sunroom and leave leftovers of Chicken Fried Rice on the table while you take dishes inside to be washed?

This . . .

BBQ Pizza

We had a family function at our house and fed 42 guests.  My dear husband smoked pork shoulders (for pulled pork sandwiches) and brisket.  We have quite a bit of the pulled pork leftover so we were trying to think of some different ways to use the pork.  Kyle suggested a BBQ pizza.  I was a little unsure about it at first but it turned out delicious and a nice change!

BBQ Pizza
Pre-made pizza crust (I used Mama Mary's)
BBQ sauce
pulled pork

Smear BBQ sauce on the pizza crust then cover with the pulled pork.  Add BBQ sauce to the top of the pulled pork then cover with cheese.  Bake according to the crust instructions.