Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Green Eggs and Ham, Anyone?

Yes, and we have the chickens that produce those green eggs...14 to be exact!  2 roosters and 12 hens.  Two are our older hens and are about 3 years old and then this past spring we got 12 chicks and 2 of them ended up being roosters (lucky us) .  We have a variety of breeds (Dominique, Ameracauna and Laced Polish) therefore we have a large variety of eggs.  Small to jumbo...white, brown and green eggs.  I have also discovered that the smaller the egg, the thicker the shell and membrane.  I love not having to purchase eggs and we have breakfast all the time!  I am on the hunt for recipes that use lots of eggs like quiches.  I am sure I will be posting them and will hopefully get 10 thumbs up from the family!

Our Chickie Babies (black & white on left and the black & brown on right are the roosters)

 This is of our roosters

This is Miss Goldie...isn't she beautiful!

Caught you Miss Annie...our egg snatcher!

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